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New England Clock
by: Bill

Hi Michelle,

Without a picture, I can't tell you much about your specific clock, but I can tell you a little abou the company that made it.

The New England Clock Company was started by a family member of the Sessions Clock Company named William Kenneth Sessions, in 1958. They were located in Bristol, CT and remained in business until 2006.

They were known for their beautiful colonial cases. Most of the movements were made in Germany. Eventually, due to increasing labor costs, the cases, movements, dials, hands and all other parts were made elsewhere and the factory in Bristol was just an assembly plant.

Thank you for sharing. Bill

The New England Clock Co. (model 270)
by: Marcy

I just bought one of these at a thrift store today.... It chimes!!!!
If anyone can tell me the correct key size for my clock I would be most appreciative...
happy chiming...

NE 270

Is this a mini-steeple clock? I built and repaired clocks at New England in the 1970's. The 270 was introduced during that period; I remember it as using an Urgos movement, but the ID (131-080) indicates a Hermle movement.
The clock was the little brother (sister) of the NE 212, which I built about 14,000.
Among others, they also made a grandmother clock, about 5' tall AND a mini-grandmother about 22"; this had a very short production run and is rare (I gave one to my sister in law); this clock was cut down to a shelf model with none of the lower case replication.
My point? Well, they made clocks and they were innovative in the direction of miniaturizing their designs.

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