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Clock forums are a free service provided to you, our readers. I personally invite all of you to share your clock stories or questions. At our forum, you don't need a member log-in, and you don't have to register. It's free, easy, but most of all, fun to do!

This is a place where anyone, regardless of your level of clock knowledge, can ask a question about a clock you own, get help repairing or restoring one, or just show off your favorite clock. Clock collectors, or clock makers reading this site, can help by answering a question. Come on in and join with other clock enthusiasts so we can solve our problems together.

Just choose from the list of topics below. Keep checking back here often for comments and answers that others may leave.

Like any group of like-minded people, we like to share what we know, and in the case of clock enthusiasts everywhere, show off the clocks we have. Some visitors to this clock forum will be newbies, and some experts when it comes to antique clocks. This is perfect for a fun help and be helped exchange.

All it takes is a few minutes to participate, but what you gain is the friendship of others with the same passion as you and maybe some answers to your clock related questions.

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Favorite Clock Picture - If you have a clock you really love, and you're anything like me, you like to share it with others. Now you can. Show us a picture of your favorite clock and tell us what you know about it. Where did you get it? How long have you had it? Let us know it's story!

Identify and Date Your Antique Clock - How many of us are the proud owners of an antique clock that we wish we knew more about? It happens to me all the time! With the help of our knowledgeable visitors, you can learn more about your clock here. If I know anything about your clock, I'll post your first comment!

Ask a Clock Repair Question - This is where you can ask a clock repair question that could save you time and money! That's right. Many clocks develop minor problems that you can fix yourself with a little help. This is not the place to ask how to overhaul your clock, but I will try to answer any question that is asked. Any visitor with the knowledge to answer another visitor's question, please feel free to do so. My goal here is to provide a place where people help and are helped.

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