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If you like clocks the way I do, then let me welcome you to this guide to collecting them. In these pages you will learn a lot about this enjoyable hobby; how to find good collectibles, how to make minor repairs, the history of some of the famous clock makers and much more.

Collecting timepieces is a great way to hang on to a little piece of history. Owning and displaying a great old timepiece adds value and beauty to your home.

With today's "throw away" technology, you can go into any store and buy a timepiece for under $30. With it's quartz movement, it will keep excellent time for several years. But, two or three batteries later, you'll probably throw it away and look for a new one. I'm not against them at all. I own them too. They fill a need for our time-driven society where the correct time must always be known. As a long time collector, and more recently, repairer-restorer, I just hate to see over six centuries of timepieces lost forever.

This site is for people, like me, who are interested in clock collecting, and would like to learn more about this fascinating subject. Do you want to learn about the history of timekeeping? Maybe you're more interested in knowing how to maintain, adjust, or make simple repairs to one you already own. Do you want to know what s"grandma's" old timepiece is worth? Where you can find antique clocks and watches? What types are there, and who made them? Or maybe you just want to find a unique timepiece for your home that will enhance a room and be different than all the "five and dime" ones.

You can learn the answer to these questions and many more by bookmarking this site. I will regularly add more information in the following pages, so you can make informed decisions on how you want to get into this fascinating field.

Every year, there are fewer and fewer antique and collectible clocks available. They are being thrown away, or ruined from lack of care. There are also fewer qualified people that actually make a living restoring and repairing them. The business is disappearing forever because of a lack of business. We can help keep these fine machines made by our forefathers around for a long time to come.

Not only are they a good investment, but, speaking for myself, I get a thrill every time I purchase and display an addition to my collection. There is nothing like hearing them tick away and chiming every hour.

The variety of possible timepieces you can own are almost endless. There are wall, grandfather, shelf, 400 day, cuckoo, and many novelty and decorative varieties too numerous to mention. They are getting harder to find in good condition though.

I'll publish some basic information about maintenance and repair. It's good to be able to maintain your own timepieces and will prepare you to know what to look for when you are thinking of buying an addition to your collection.

There's also a very interesting history to delve into. I hope to keep this history alive and enjoy old, well made timepieces for a long time to come. If you're interested in collecting, or just learning more about the subject in general, you are invited to join our family of horology enthusiasts. Sign up for Clock Collecting Tips by clicking here.

I also sell some of my collection from time to time in my eBay store. Feel free to check it out.

Collectors and enthusiasts usually have a favorite clock they like to show off. You may have a repair question, or maybe you have a one you would like to know more about. If so, don't forget to stop by our Clock Talk pages and share with other enthusiasts from around the world. You can also see what other visitors have contributed.

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