Terminal Gilbert Mantel Clock

by Bill Bradford
(Cambridge, England)

Gilbert Mantel Clock 2255

Gilbert Mantel Clock 2255

I bought my Gilbert Mantel Clock from a guy in the UK 8 years ago as he was returning to the USA to die - terminal prognosis. Fortunately he is still living!!

The clock is also in fine health. It is a Gilbert Mantel Clock, Black Wooden Case with full chimes. It works well and chimes deeply.

I have tried to find out some history to no avail. It has a serial number on the base label (original) 2255. It has had a new Gilbert face fitted but the original is still available. I would be interested to know some estimate of value.

I live in Cambridge England but our office is is Fort Myers, Florida.

We bought the clock when we lived in an Old Mill where it was very much 'at home' but we have moved to a smaller modern home and it is now out of keeping with the decor. It would be good to find a new home for it.

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Gillbert mantal clock 1920
by: Anonymous

I inherited a Gilbert clock dated 1920. I love it great sound!! Workmanship is amazing not made like that today!!

My Own Gilbert Mantel Clock!!
by: Brian (or bri)

On a Friday recently an employee overheard ME talking about the other clocks I have worked on (I'm in the leaning stages). She OFFERD me the antique clock she bought at an auction 10 years ago and has never touched it. True to her word on Monday she had the clock in her car trunk.....my eyess popped out of my head when I saw it!! At last, a real ancient looking (mantel) clock. I took it and removed the movement from the case 1905 is stamped into both plates of the movement. Hopefully is this the date/year or patent number, or??? We dearly hope its the year!!

Terminal Gilbert Mantel Clock
by: Bill Bradford

Hi! Bill, thanks for sharing this information with me. If anyone has further material I would be pleased to read it.
The clock is currently in my office and its chimes are very reassuring of calmer days. Perhaps I will keep it a little longer.
I look forward to sharing more 'clock' news with you and your colleagues.
Bill Bradford, Cambridge, England.

Gilbert Black Mantel Clock in Great Condition
by: Bill Harveson

Judging by the picture, it looks like your clock is in great condition. The Gilbert Clock Company made clocks in Winsted, Ct (renamed Winchester). from 1837 to 1964.

Black mantels like yours were made from about 1900 to 1920 when they were in vogue. Most of the American clock companies had several versions of them. I don't have any Gilbert books at this time to give you exact information, but maybe someone else will chime in here.

Since you're looking to sell, I can tell you that a black mantel in good condition is bringing anywhere from $100 to $300 at auctions, and a bit more in the antique stores.

Thanks for sharing this clock with us.

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