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dates, model #, etc
by: chuck

More information is helpful. It's not so easy, unless you have dealt with the exact piece, to identify the exact clock or watch. That said, you can guess by the design that it is a 1920's-ish art deco piece. The wood has more of an early 1900's design, almost Victorian looking, but the face has obvious 20's deco designs. That said, the tops of these things is often quite similar.

Nice new grandfather clocks are in the $1500 to $2500 range +/-. You can dig around the web and see them. I think the guy helping you had little knowledge of this piece and should have sold it for the $1500 unless it is rare. Sure, it might be "worth" $3000, but go find the buyer who wants to pay retail because they love it so much. Not an easy task.

Tell me waht to do with
by: Anonymous

If it were my clock I would seek to get it repaired. In terms of age its difficult to say could be late 1800's or eraly 1900's - and value - I would suggest that you go onto EBay worldwide and track similar clocks to try and ascertain more about possible age and to see what they sell for. Hope this helps.

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