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by: Frank Cox

We also have one of these clocks and are interested in the answers to this query (on 7/14/2010 no answers are posted).

Correction to previous comment
by: Frank Cox

My previous comment is in reference to Darcy Stevens' query.

Did you find out?
by: Diane

I have clock similar to this. Did anyone identify it for you?

sessions mantle clock
by: Darcy Stevens

it does not appear to be very valuable, I have seen similar ones on ebay in the hundred dollar range give or take. I still have not had it restored. It may not be particularly valuble but it is a pretty cool looking clock with some family history and isn't that real value?

Thanks for the feed-back
by: Diane

Thanks! You are 100% right! If I learn anything about my clock I'll try to pass it along to you. Best of luck.

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