Papa's New Haven Clock

by Temma Mauldin
(Enoree, SC)

New Haven Kitchen Clock

New Haven Kitchen Clock

This clock was given to my grandfather for his wedding in 1887. He kept it until his death in 1959. My daddy kept it until 1973, when his niece carried it to be fixed.

It has returned to me via TENN and GA and over 30 years in time. It is marked New Haven I have looked for the style on the internet and can't find a picture of one like it. If anyone can tell me anything about it I would appreciate it.

You can add any information about this clock that you know in the comments form. It would be greatly appreciated.

Editor's Note:

Click here for a short history of The New Haven Clock Company.

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ha venw
by: TemmaMauldin

let me know if you find more info

That Make Two Of Us That Own A Great Clock
by: Rescuelifeproducts

I recently purchase a very old New Heaven mantel clock.

It is very beautiful and I've posted my clock data on this site. I would also like to know more about its exact date of orgin.
Could you take a look at the info that I have provided and try your hand at giving me some info to add to mine?
I have a profile on where I offer information on a variety of antique objects.

Papa's New Haven Clock
by: Anonymous

Your best bet is to get hold of Roy Ehrhardt's book ANTIQUE CLOCKS.There are 11 pages dedicated to N.H. kitchen clocks;not all are illustrated, so that you will have to go by taking measurements and compare with the pages to arrive at the right name.
Good Luck

Thanks for your kind comment
by: Temma Mauldin

Thank you so much my family will really be pleased

Your New Haven Kitchen Clock
by: Bill

That is a fine example of a New Haven Kitchen Clock. They were made by several American clock companies starting in the 1870's and continuing until about 1910.

Many were made of solid wood, but most of the face boards were of a pressed wood. (a new invention at the time)

Yours looks to be in great condition for its age. Since they were so well made I would guess that it still runs just fine. I have two of these kitchen clocks in my small clock collection too. One is a Waterbury Clock and the other is a New Haven. They still run strong after well over 100 years! Think you could buy a new clock today that will still run 100 years later?

Thanks for a great post.

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