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by: Anonymous

This is an ogee clock and runs for 30 hours

New Haven Mantel Clock
by: Gordon McKone

I have an identical Ogee clock, however, the picture on the lower glass is a scene, apparently painted on the reverse of the glass.
It has two lead weights and requires winding daily.
I once used fishing line to replace the cotton string holding the weights, and the clock would NOT run. Replacing the line with new cotton string, solved the problem.
The year 1900 as being the early date is NOT correct. My Great Grandfather bought 5 such clocks from an itinerant clock pedlar from London Ontario for each son. He died in 1859, so the clocks were in existence at least that early.
They have an alarm which can be set to strike, on a coiled wire spring which sounds, however my clock does not have the mechanism.
The veneer on these clocks is very thick by todays' standards, and mine is Mahogany. The clock will keep time but sadly, I am not up to the daily winding which it requires. There is a second clock in existence and held by the family, but the other 3 are lost.
I have seen this clock described as an Ogee clock.

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