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by: Anonymous

Hi, By the looks of this picture all I can tell you is that it is a Napolan Hat mantel clock that strikes on the half hour and on the hour...probable about 1930---1950 +and maybe English made...if you go to E-Bay you can get some more information on these clocks....good luck

by: Grant

Hi My name is Grant im 19 Im learning how to repair clocks and study the history of different clocks when i saw your photo of your clock I knew right away it was a Foreigh before I read what you knew about the clock what gave it away was the movement most the Pendelum gave it away all their Pendelum look the same in mantle clock Foreigh is clock company over in Germany If you want to the date of the clock look on the movement if it says West Germany it was made after the WWII and before the Berlin Wall was toren down if it says just Germany then it was before WWII you said 1960s if it was then it would say West Germany.

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