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Kaiser Alarm Clock
by: Mason

I have an almost identical Kaiser clock as yours as well as another smaller Kaiser alarm clock I picked up and restored at a flea market here in Germany...I am over hear for a couple of years with the military and I collect an restor clocks as a hobby.

The type of clock you have was first introduced as early as 1900. The one I have is 1916. I have seen a few, but not a lot, especially in great condition. Nice Find!

Kaiser Alarm clock
by: Kelli

That is wonderful to hear! I have had this posting on here for about a year and haven't heard from anyone, so thank you!

I will definately take even better care of it now. It's on a high shelf already, but I may move it higher......

I said I wasn't concerned about the money, but now I am curious, do you know what it is worth? They say everything has a price! Thanks again!

Kaiser Clock
by: Mason

I saw one identical for mine in an antique store. They were asking $250. It was in excellent condition and running. Mine and yours is a few years older than that clock, so I hope it's the same value, if not more.

Unfortunetly not too many people know about them and not a lot were produced (good for us). I will keep an eye open for more info and let you know. I travel a lot to flea markets here in Europe and have found some really interesting clocks.

Yes...I know clock collecting is an illness, I have close to 300 now...from small alarms clocks to several 100 - 250 year old grandfather clocks.

Kaiser Alarm clock
by: Kelli

Thank you for the infomation. That is so exciting to hear! And to have it here in the middle of the United States is neat too. It makes me wonder how it got here. I'm sure it has an interesting story to tell, if it could.

Also, whatever branch you're in, whatever cause you believe, please know that I pray for and have deep gratitude for all troops! God Bless you and your family!

by: Mason

Thanks Kelli...

I really appreciate your prayers and thoughts.


by: Kelli

I'm not military, nor do I come from a military family, but I have always had the highest respect for our service men and women.

My kids have grown up seeing me always stop a person in uniform to shake their hand and say thank you to them. A few weeks ago we were in Wal-Mart and my two youngest children, ages 15 and 14 chased down two young men in uniform to shake their hands and thank them. They make me proud. I think everyone, no matter what their political beliefs are, should teach their children to do the same!

Thanks again!

Kaiser Alarm clock West Germany
by: Jana

I bought the very similar alarm clock yesterday in antique marcet in Poland, and I'm trying to find the information about how old is it. It would great if it had 100 years, but, unfortunately, it is impossible. "West Germany" is written on it. West Germany is the country which was created in 1949. So its maybe 50-years old.

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