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great grandmothers clock
by: Anonymous

your grandma,s clock is called ' ADEN' made 1906 unfortunatly the top piece is missing.this is quite common.

Ansonia clock, Aden 1906
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the comments. I've been looking up the Aden models but I haven't found any useful information yet. Does anyone have a picture of what this clock is suppose to look like with the missing peice? I'd like to see it.


Gingerbread Shelf Clock
by: Anuar

Hi Stan, I dont know whetehr this id=]s suffice.

Antique Ansonia Gingerbread Shelf Clock Cir 1875 Chimes

This is a vintage clock from the late 1800's from Ansonia Clock Co. Manufacturers U.S.A. The clock stands 22 1/2 inches high x 14 1/4 inches wide and 5 inches deep. It is circa 1875. The clock chimes every half hour.

I have several pictures of the clock. Would appreciate if you could provide your email address. thanks

Great Grandmothers clock
by: Stan

Yes, my email is Please send the pictures.


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