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Similar story
by: Tracy

Hello Neil,

Last weekend, I bought the twin to your clock in Lyon, France. It had years if dirt and neglect that took hours to clean and balance on my not-so-level bedroom mantle. The effort was worth it because the sound of the chime is beautiful. Did you find the answers to your questions?

-another San Franciscan

Found and satisfied
by: Anonymous

The people here were so helpful and pointed me in the right direction. I've since sold the clock. Now...if I could just come across an Egyptian Revival, green marble French mantel clock, with sphinxes and caryatids and heiroglyphics and ankhs in bronze, for cheap at a garage sale! That's all I ask.

French Black marble clock
by: Anonymous

Your clock is made of Belgian marble and the maker is the famous Japy Freres(Japy brother)
These are nice clocks and are good time keepers.

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