Found a Cartier Clock...

by Jenny L. Pearo
(Eastern Canada)

Cartier Clock

Cartier Clock

During renovations to an old home, we found a small clock. It is very heavy and the hands are stopped. There was no box for the clock, however, the condition of it is excellent.

The only markings on it are Cartier, Paris on the back with a serial number and the Cartier name inside the glass on the front. There are two small blue crowns on the back.

We live in a very small area with no watch/clock dealers. We have checked the Internet and found the exact clock on e-bay of which I have attached a pic. We would like to know what year it would be and if it would be worth repairing?

We would also like to know if it takes a battery because there doesn't seem to be a spot to wind it.

We would appreciate if anyone out there can give us some information.

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