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Battery Check
by: Bruce

You should look to see if the legs on the front of the clock have twist caps that come off that hold the batteries. Have not been able to find this clock in any of my clock ref. yet but, I have seen it on ebay. You might also just contact one of the sellers on ebay and tell them of your situation and many times they will tell you what they know about your clock since you already have one like they are trying to sell.

Bruce S.

by: Jenny

Thanks Bruce...

The twist caps do come off. I e-mailed the seller on e-bay for some info and am hoping for a reply. I'll be sure to post what I find out. Thanks again. Jen

Found same clock
by: Kathy

Recently when cleaning out my aunt's house, I found a clock that is shaped the same. It is a different color - the blue enamel is chipped on the sides. It is marked the same. Do you know what it's worth?

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