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Bill, thankyou for your time
by: Anonymous

Thanks Bill, I did actually find some info online about it, here it is, and it IS an 8 day clock, I remember that much.
I found these to be selling for $845 plus shipping

At top of the Dutch clock stands "ATLAS", bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders. He is standing on a metal bell which is struck by a metal hammer for each hour of time. The bell also strikes once on each half hour.
At the feet of the featured "ATLAS" are three cast metal figures on a stage below him, representing:
Faith, Hope and Charity.
The banner along the base of the figures features an Old Dutch inscription: "Nu Elck Syn Sin" which translates to:
"Now Everybody Gets What He Wants"

ATLAS was one of the second-generation Titans. He personified the quality of endurance. In one tradition, Atlas led the Titans in a rebellion against Zeus and was condemned to bear the heavens upon his shoulders. In another, he was said to have been appointed guardian of the pillars which held earth and sky asunder. He was also the God who instructed mankind in the art of astronomy, a tool which was used by sailors in navigation and farmers in measuring the seasons. These roles were often combined and Atlas becomes the God who turns the heaven on their axis, causing the stars to revolve.

Alma Klokken B.V. is famous for their traditional Zandaam style wall clocks. Alma also produces fine Dutch clocks and the Traditional Christiaan Huygens clocks

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