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Antique Mantle clock
by: Nick

Antique Mantle clocks are alway pride to have , specially for antique lovers.

I think it difficult to identify the age of the clock by normal user like us but did you ever contact some expert?

Thanks for your comment Nick
by: James

Yeah I've since found it is a Juba, but still trying to figure out age. I'd certainly like an expert's opinion, but in country Queensland there's just not a lot of them about.
Cheers James

German Clock
by: Michael

Dear James,

Your Clock was made between 1905 - 1917 by Kienzle in Germany, look carefully on the movement it my say Haller or Kienzle , I got both from the same years and I can send you photos.
Also I can e-mail you some history about those manufactures.
Write to me:

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