Yard sale treasure

by Brian Murrell
(McKinleyville, CA USA)

I bought this Ansonia clock at a yard sale for $50. The glass door was broken off, the figure was loose, and the hands were loose. Plus they said it did not keep time.

So I took the clock apart to check it out. I took the glass door to a jewler who was able to fix the broken hinge. I took the figure off and dusted the whole clock. After I put it all back together, I found that the hands were missing a brass pin. After I put the hands back on I oiled the gears wound the clock set the time and stared the pendulum - it worked.

The gong sounds muffled and it lost five minutes a day. I am working on getting it to be acurate but it acually works.

Now the big questions. What is it called, how old is it and how much is it worth?

This clock is about 17" long and 15" high it has a colonial figure on the left. He is holding a round ball next to a book case. The clock has Roman Numerals on it. The top piece is round with animal like handles, and a tassel hanging on the far right side.

This clock is very heavy. The feet are adjustable to set the levelness. If you could tell me what I have and worth that would be great. Thank you, Brian Murrell

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