Wooden Movement Wheel

Wooden Works Clock Movement

Wooden Works Clock Movement

I wish to purchase a wooden winding wheel for the striker as shown in the middle left of the clock in this picture.

I volunteer at Sage Eldercare & one of the other volunteers in the workshop is a retiree from TAG Heuer. He believes he can fix it.

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Wooden Movement Clock Repair
by: Anonymous

You can contact the Narragansett Clock Shop in Rhode Island at riclockshop.com. They specialize in the repair of wooden movement clocks.

Wheel Replacement
by: Kevin

Last year I had a Boardman & Wells wooden works clock rebuilt. I used a gentleman by the name of Donald Bruno at Torrington Clock Company. He did an excellent job repairing the escapement wheel and one other gear. Just thought you would like his contact info to replace your wheel. Hope this helps!!www.torringtonclockco.com

Wooden Strike Wheel
by: Bill

I, personally do not know where to send you for this wheel. There are many different sizes and since I do not have too many occasions to repair these, when I do, I repair the old wheel by cutting new teeth where necessary, and gluing them in place.

I will leave this post here in case someone who works on wooden works more than I do can help you out.

Thank you, Bill

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