Wm L Gilbert Clock - an unexpected find

by Paul
(Ashland, OH)

Dusty Gilbert Clock

Dusty Gilbert Clock

Dusty Gilbert Clock Text says made by Gilbert in Winsted, Conn, USA Dial says Gilbert 1807 Gilbert movement

What I know about this clock is what a guy told me about it. There is a clock repair guy near my house that has been working on repairing clocks for about 40 years. When I took him my clock and started asking him questions about it, he said that he has never has seen a clock like mine.

It makes a bim-bam, sound. It was made by the Wm. L. Gilbert in Winchester, CT and I found it while I was dumpster diving.

I'm an avid viewer of Antiques Road Show and I have never seen a clock like this come on the show.

I did go to a clock shop in Fremont and the owner right away wanted to purchase my clock for 375 dollars. I really don't know what it is worth, it's kinda beat up.

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