Wm. Gilbert Clock in Limoges 1906?

by Dave Barnard
(Brea, CA)

Lomoges encased Gilbert

Lomoges encased Gilbert

We acquired this in the mid 1950s. My Uncle was a collector living in Michigan and was staying with us. To repay us for the lodging he found this and gave it to my parents. This clock was a family tradition for many years.

The sticker on the back says "Limoges Case made in France" clock works are made in USA.

The case has a number "No 434"
I can't find identification of the artist who made the case. It's a floral design with intense blue and gold around the edges.

Inside "1906 and Wm Gilber Clock Co Winstead, Conn. USA.

I wonder how much to insure this for and / or where to find out more and get an appraisal.

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