What a find on a clock ?

by Martin Locke
(Bolton Lanchashire, England, UK)

Hello all,

I live in Bolton England, UK and yesterday whilst looking in a shop, I instantly fell in love with a clock that was begging me to save it. The owner wanted to sell for £60 but she dropped it to £35 and then £30 as it did not chime.

I snapped it up and as I walked out the shop, the clock chimed as if to repay me for saving it. It, however, has not chimed since. I think it needs a service?

The clock is a mantel clock and has no name on it. It has a number on the mechanics at the bottom (13043) to the right the number 13 and to the right further up are the letters DRGM. The clock is wound up in 3 places situated at 4, 6 and 8 respectfully and should chime quarter pass, half pass, three quarters pass and on the hour.

It has a pendulum inside and 5 hammers, the casing is veneer and has a pattern on the front with inlayed very fine lighter wood, think its German or English. Can anyone help?

I spoke to a nice fellow in America, New Jersy who said it sounds like a high quality German make. It has a plauqe attached to it as it was presented to some one in August 1930 for long sevice to Bettisfield Collery Records Club.

The clock could have been made before 1930. Anyway, I have decided to restore it as it keeps perfect time, don't know why it does not chime - it is not on silent, must need an overhaul, can anyone tell me anything else about my clock?

Thanks, everyone.

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