Weights will not move

by Jerry Lane

I purchased this clock at auction and it was working, but I guess in the movement the weights got off gear, the weight would only go one way and will not release, do I need to take clock to repair shop or is there something that I can do to release weights?

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Clock weights off gear
by: Bill

If you are mechanically inclined, it is not a big deal to put the chains back on the sprocket. Each clock has its own way of reaching these gears, some very easy and some can't be done without removing the movement from the case.

If you have one of these harder ones and would feel uncomfortable removing the movement, you should take it to a repair shop.

P.S. Most clocks require that you remove the hooks from the ends of the chains before threading them back around the gear so they don't become jammed in the gears. The exception to this is some Grandfather clocks where there is lots of room to work.

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