Waterbury ship's bell

by JD

Waterbury Ship Clock

Waterbury Ship Clock

I am 34 and remember this clock as a small child. I do not recall if has ever worked in those early years but do remember turning the hands to make it chime.

I told my dad the chimes are all wrong, he told me it's a ship's clock that is how they chime. The clock has not made a tick, tock, chime in over 20 years I know of.

I recently got it from my father to see if I could make it work again. I was able to carefully put a small drop of sewing machine oil on the movement and she started right up and works well.

The glass has been missing as far as I can remember. It has a wooden stand with a brass plate with my surname, now compared to the brass name plate the clock appears to be copper, not brass or bronze?

Could this have been made out of copper instead of brass due to war time efforts? I would like to know what model and year this clock is.

I want to replace the glass that has been long gone. The dial face is faded, scratched and dirty, I was wondering if I could replace the dial when I stated to have difficulty looking up this model clock. It seems to have a unique fast/slow setting dial I have not seen on any in my research so far.

Any information on this would be great.

Thank you..


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