Vintage Old Clock

by Sathish

Old Wall Clock

Old Wall Clock

This post is about the wall clock which we have hanging in our house. I am glad that someone has asked about such a special thing to talk about.

This old clock was a gift to my great grandfather by the then governor general of our state. This clock is about 125yrs old and its still rock solid. Believe it or not, it's still in working condition.

The features of this clock is that it gives out a ring at the start of each our. The sound is similar to a "cuckoo clock". The specialty is that it gives the ring according to the hour,for instance if its three o clock in the evening it gives out three "cuckoo's".

In our home, we don't consider our clock as a thing, but more like a living being. That is why this vintage clock does have an antique quality for our family.

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