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New Haven Clock
by: Bill

Interesting clock. Made circa 1937 with the model name "Stylis Timepiece", this electric clock had a mahogany case with white Holly trim and retailed at $9.95 in 1937.

The closest value I can find was from 2003 and it was $65.00.

Vintage New Haven Clock art deco flip
by: Jim Dierks

Interesting coincidence...I have one of these clocks too, and I also live in Rochester, NY. It belonged to my grandfather, who had it on his desk at work and later at his home desk. Works well, but sometimes runs slow after the power has been interrupted. Gently rapping the clock on my desk seems to jolt it into submission, although I can't see why when I look at the mechanism. Thanks to the person who offered the brief historical information...nice to know.

Very nice piece
by: Manu

Flip clocks are burning hot these days but this one is truely stunning, the art deco styling is really nice. if this is really a pre-war piece and working i estimate it about 200 Euro's today.

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