Vienna regulator won't chime

by Diane W.
(Saddle River, NJ)

I wound my Vienna Regulator last week and after that the left weight stopped falling and it won't chime. The right weight is working and the time is accurate. How do I make it chime without an expensive clock repair bill?

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non chimeing regulator
by: Rons Clocks

Assuming that you performed the suggested rewind procedure and still no strike,I would suspect that cleaning (ultrasonic is best) and oiling is in order. If that still doesn,t give satisfactory results there is binding somewhere in the arming (pre-strike) mechanisim. Obviously, a triple is more compex than a double wt. I would strongly suggest taking it to a professional especially if it is a top end clock.

Vienna regulator won't chime
by: ray copping

I would firstly check that the gut/string or similar has wound up corrcetly onto the chime mechanism spool behind the clock face. If it has got crossed or jammed on the spool it will not allow the weight to pull the gut/string down and hence turn the spool. If it looks suspect then take the weight off and carefully unwind the gut from the spool. With the gut completely unwound re-attach the weight assembly and then carefully re-wind using the clock key the gut/string back onto the chime mechanism spool. Hopefully it should re-wind perfectly onto the spool and then the weight mechanism will be allowed freely to do its job. Hope this helps

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