Unusual German Clock

by Bernard Schiefer
(Mission, TX)

I collected about 100 old clocks while in the Army stationed in Germany during 1964-67.

I've sold most of them over the years but kept a few that I suspected were older and more rare.

This clock has a painted scene behind glass, wood face plates, hand cut wheels (I think) and a bell at top of movement.

Access to the movement is thru side doors. On the back of the case it shows the clockmaker name "J. H." then, "Schweinfurt, Ger, Brackenstr 4".

It also has the number on the back "No. 65", then "18" below that. Etched into the bottom of the front frame are the Roman Numerals "XXVI".

The case is 11 3/4in high x 8 1/2 wide x 5 3/4 deep. With top & bottom finials & weights it's about 23 1/2 in tall.

I'd appreciate any information you can tell about the clock--age, value, etc.

Thanks, Bernard Schiefer

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