Unknown German Clock

by Garett
(Port Orchard,Wa.)

German Tall Clock

German Tall Clock

I have a mystery I'm sure someone will know; what it is, I have a grandfather clock that I belive to be German made. There are no marks or numbers, it has no id marks - all it says is Volta in it.

We had it for year and we finally had it cleaned. The clock man said its over two hundred years old but he thought it was German or English but wasn't sure so went on net and looked up some clock and came across a pic that looks like it but not exactly!!??

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I found the clock maker
by: Art H

I finally found the maker of this grandfather clock, or tall clock. The trademark with the letters LFS encircled by an escapewheel comes from the Lorenz Furtwangler & Sohne clock factory of Furtwangen, Germany. According to a couple of sources on the internet, The Factory began their clock making as early as 1836 and received their first tradenark in 1868, was then changed to a slighty larger trademark in 1895. They became world famous because of their top precision workmanship. Then the clock company was bought out by the A.G. Stock Holder Corporation in the early 1900's and only lastest until 1929, because of tough competition of mass produced clocks and less expensive movements.

You can find more information by going to the following web links:


thanks and hope you find this entertaining.

Art H

Unknown German Clock
by: Bo Mullins

I have a German Tall Clock as well. I moved it from Macon, GA to Fayetteville, GA with my mother. I had locksmiths pack it and unpack it. I had it oiled today as it keeps very good time.
The identification numbers stamped on the movement frame are D.R.P. No. 142125, another number near the bottom of the frame is 64462 and one additional stamp - D.R.P. 273703. An additional "logo" of an escape wheel encircling the letters LFS or maybe LRS stamped into the movement's frame. In addition to the clock movement what seems to set this clock apart is the woodworking craftsmanship. The joinery is not typical of most joints.
The beveled glass front and very top are different in designed than the one you have pictured here. The base looks similar. I will get a picture of my mother's clock and post it.

Any additional information found?
by: Art H

I too have a tall Grandfather clock exactly like the one in the picture. I cannot find any information inside the clock except for the words "VOLTA", and a trademark on the back of the movement stamped with the letters "LES" encircled by a round sproket looking design. Also, there I found some numbers "D.R.P no. 208878" and "D.R.P. No. 142125". Just wondering if this information means something. Please advise.


Volta tall clock
by: Dick B

I have a tall german clock just exactly like the one pictured.It also says Volta in it, nothing else. I bought it from an estate 40 years ago & the people were from Germany and said it was from
about 1880. I think the word "Volta" may refer to a region in Germany rather than a specific mfgr.

the face looks similar to my clock
by: Patty R.

Your pictures aren't very clear, but I am too looking to find out more about my Clock. Look at my photos titled "my childhood charmer". Maybe we both can find out the orgin of our clocks :-)

German Tall Clock
by: Bill

Many tall clocks similar to the picture were made in Germany from the late 1800's until about 1920.

If this picture is like your clock, that is probably the date range it comes from. It is not possible to be sure without looking at the movement itself, which would have different characteristics if it was 200 years old.

If you have pictures of the movement, you can post one here in a new submission and refer to this page, "Unknown German Clock" and I will try to help.

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