Trying to find out when my clock was made ..

by Darrin Oliver
(ST. Joseph MO.)

I dont know a bunch about it ..On the inside of it on the works it has a name E. SCHMECKENBECHER and some no# g.m. 1184288,1892176 which I figured was part no# but not sure there is the no# 25 on it also .

It hac a mark that says Regula in kind of like an upside down triangle there is a tree in this symble also. It also has West Germany on the works

I found a picture of it on the internet and noticed that the clock I have is missing a man and a woman figure that sit on the front of it. It has a bird that comes out and there are four like sweedish couples that spin and dance around.It also plays music.

I have a picture ..Can anyone give me a clue of what the name of this clock is and how old it may be? ..THANK YOU Darrin Oliver

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