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clock like yours!
by: Anonymous

Debora - -

Your Gilbert clock is very interesting. We have one JUST LIKE IT, other than our glass in the door is different. (I don't know whether your glass is original, of if ours is. Perhaps they were available with different glass. I know our glass is very old because it's wavy like old glass would be.)

We had our clock restored back in the late 1970's. It is a beautiful clock, with the very same label as yours on the back!

Phil, Halifax, PA

our clocks
by: Anonymous

My Grandma got hers from a friend's garage sale in the mid 60's. She never replaced anything on it. The previous owner said they had it since the 30's & never replaced anything either. Your clock sounds like it has ising glass. (That kind of glass has a wave to it.) It's possible that both glasses are original, with one clock being much older than the other.

look alike
by: Kcummings

I have a clock that looks like the picture I bought it at an aution in 1976 and it has a serviced in 1976 sticker on it . Mine has a paper sticker on back that says Dove Mfg.Co. Wm.F.Gilbert Winstead,Conn. USA Mine has never worked, has yours? What is it worth?

my old clock
by: Anonymous

I don't know the value. It sort of works. It doesn't keep time but the chime rings when I move the hands areound. An appraiser once said it could have been made between 1900-1920.

We have the same clock!
by: Anonymous

My husband and I inherited the exact same clock from my husband's grandmother. They've passed it down through the family for several generations. I began searching on the internet to find out how much it's worth. We aren't going to sell it because it's a generational family heirloom but I'm still curious to know if it has all of the original parts and such! My husband's father is an auctioneer. I will report back to see what he knows!

Family Heirloom
by: Dan k

I have a clock just like the one you're writing about. I was passed down through the years.. I believe it was given to my Great Grand Mother who died around 43 years ago, I am now 55 and my great grandma was around 85 years old when she passed away. the clock was given to her as a wedding present when she was around 18.. so my guess is 43 + 67 = 110 years ago... I would like to find out it's true age. Thanks dan

Gilbert Kitchen Clock
by: Anonymous

Just had a clock friend identify my mantle clock as a William L Gilbert clock of Winston, CT. Very similar to yours. He told me that thousands of these clocks were made by patterns steam pressed into the wood(not hand carved)and shipped to Europe. Mine is circa 1890-1900, 8-day spring driven with a wind for time and a wind for strike. There would have been a paper label on the back which helps with identifying.
Value is showing at auction around $125 depending on interest, some clock sites are a bit snooty and look down on this particular model because of the mass production.

my clock
by: Anonymous

my clock has the paper label. but I still haven't been able to find out much. I've learned more from these comments than anywhere else. Thank you.

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