Stopped Howard Miller mantle clock

by Lawrence Wolfe
(Ashland Ky.)

My wife and I have always loved the sound of a chiming westminster clock and have always wanted a grandfather clock.

We recently purchased a small home with a mantle and have since been looking for a mantle clock. I found and purchased a mantle clock a couple weeks ago for $75.00.

It is a Howard Miller mantle clock model#612-439, movement # 354047G stamped on the clock door,and on lower right corner of the movement is stamped the name and address of company and made in West Germany and #340-020 and hand engraved is the info W1491.

The clock seemed to run fine for a couple days but suddenly just stopped. I would spin the little thing that goes back and forth but I noticed the gear it was supposed to lock into every time it rotated back and forth was not moving and the movement would only rock back and forth a couple times then stop. I finally removed the hands and removed the works from inside the clock for inspection.

I noticed the tips of most gears have a small amount of a green buildup,(looks a lot like the green corrosion you see on copper pipes) and inside the gears that they mesh had a small amount of green blue colored substance in the grooves of some of the gears. I took a mini flat screwdriver and gently picked the substance out of the gears I could reach, and after a few minutes of picking out this substance the clock started to tick and has been working fine and chiming fine now for three days and seems to be keeping great time.

Is this some kind of corrosive buildup or is it grease drying up with age? I believe a small amount of this just jammed the gears. Do you think this substance I removed was the problem and will it happen again?

I would love to have this clock serviced but don't think I can afford it, I am only living on my Social Security and my wifes small income.what do you think having this clock cleaned and serviced would cost and is the clock worth spending money on? It is a beautiful clock in perfect condition.

What is the age and approximate value of this clock? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks L Wolfe

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Does anyone answer these questions?
by: Bob, (Camano Island, WA)

I also have a Howard Miller 612-439 I am trying to sell. I need a winding key. Where can I get one and how much should I ask for the clock?

by: Anonymous

Any idea of the value? I have one, also, that I am trying to sell.

model 612 439
by: Anonymous

I have the same clock. Did you ever receive a reply as to it's worth?

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