Stansonia -- NOT Ansonia!!

by Ellen Voight
(Desert Hot Springs, CA)

I have a mantel clock that was owned by my great-grandfather in the early 20th century, possibly before. Printed on the face of the clock are the words: Manufactured by the Stansonia Clock Company, New York, United States of America.

It has Roman numerals to tell the time, but there is also a small number ring in the center of the clock face which was used to set an alarm, which my great-grandfather used to get him on time to work every day.

I have looked up the name Stansonia, and found nothing. Can it be that the Ansonia Company used that name at some point, or could it be a knock-off of an Ansonia Clock? If necessary, I could eventually get a picture of it to post on line.

I would most appreciate any information anyone can give me.

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