Sligh grandfather clock

by Tim Coverdale
(Massillon, Ohio)

I recently purchased a sligh grandfather clock at a local auction. I brought it home and set it up and it ran for a good 8 days.

In winding the weights back up the center weight controlling the second hand stopped when it reached the limit but the cable holding the weight slipped.

I then proceeded to wind the other two weights and noticed the center weight was at a different location. I then tried to wind the center weight again and it did the same thing with this sudden thump and would not wind any further.

In examining the inside of the clock works, it appears that the cable actually slipped beyond the special stops and is wound behind the winder and is preventing my second hand from moving.

Is it possible to "unwind" the cable by advancing the hour hands I have been able to lower the right and left weight but the center one will not move because of the cable preventing the second hand from working.

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Tangled cables on clock
by: Bill

Unfortunately you can not unwind the cables by moving the hands. You will most likely have to remove the end of the cable that is attached to the bottom of the clock (the anchor) and then remove the pulley and manually untangle the cable until it is all wound on the drum again. Then put the pulley back on and re-attach the cable.

Good luck, Bill

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