Shewa hour pipe loose

by Ed
(Cocoa, Fl., USA)

I just found a Shewa regulator clock, that I thought would be a good clock to learn on, to see if I have any aptitude to repair them.

It appears that the hour hand pipe, with snail, etc. moves away from the drive gear, and the hour hand just stops. There is a big spring with forked end that I think is supposed to hold this down but I dont know?

Also the 2 mainsprings scare the heck out of me!!
Anyone ever seen this before?

Also where are good tool and supply dealers close to the space coast?

Thanks, Ed..

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I fixed it.
by: ed

If anyone else has this problem,check the bracket holding down the snail, mine was bent out allowing the hour hand gear to disengage and the hand to fall down. Unhook the chime spring first!!

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