Seth Thomas Westminster chime sync

by Candace

Seth Thomas, Westminster chimes, mantel clock 07/1940, model Portsmouth

I have followed the directions for this clock and have the quarter and half hours striking the right part of the Westminster chime (turning the minute hand counter-clockwise, etc), however the hours are striking 6 hours ahead of the time: at 1 o'clock it strikes 7 times, at 2 it strikes 8 times and so on.
Should I just set the hour hand at 180 degrees to where it presently sits? I don't know enough about mechanisms to take it all apart and we don't have a good clock repairman in this town.

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moving hands
by: Candace

thanks Bill. the hands are held on the post with a cottar pin, which is truly stuck in there, so shall just carefully work away at it. One is never quite sure what the tolerance is on such things.
all the best.

Chime Sync.
by: Bill

The easiest thing to do is to move the hour hand to the correct number. This type of clock should automatically adjust to the correct hour, so someone probably inadvertently moved the hour hand.

The hand is held in place by friction, only, so moving it should be no problem. Just be careful not to break off the hand if it is a tight fit.

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