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Seth Thomas Steeple Clock's age
by: Bill

Hi Michael,

I sure would not doubt your Grandfathers estimate on your clocks age, I can only relay what I found in my reference materials.

I found a similar clock to yours (everything the same except the painted picture on the tablet) and the date of manufacturer was 1875.

The value of that model was approx. $450.

Other visitors may know more.

Response to Comment Left
by: mike

Thank you for your response, I hope others will respond also.

Where is the paper label printed?
by: Anonymous

I have a similar clock, but with a different painting, and I have researched the company that printed the paper label, versus the Seth Thomas Company. The paper was printed by The Case, Lockwood, Brainard & Co. Print, Hartford, Conn. The key to this is that the Case, Lockwood, Brainard & Co. dropped the Co. in 1868.

Also Plymouth Hollow was renamed Thomaston in 1865, so therefore, my clock was made between 1865-1868. Prehaps your clock was too.

Seth Thomas steeple clock
by: Independence, MO

I have a similar clock except the picture on front is of a bird. Otherwise appears to be same. The clock was purchased by my great aunt in Nettleton, Mo. Would like to have more info.

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