Seth Thomas Spring Brass Alarm -- How does it work?

by Mark

I have a Seth Thomas Spring Brass 8-Day Clock with an alarm -- guessing that is what it is anyway. The movement works fine, but the alarm has issues.

When I wind it, it just goes off. I think that the wire holding the striker is too long. I also have no idea how the alarm is set -- I am sure it has something to do with the brass piece behind the hands that has Roman numerals I thru XII on it.

Any help on how long that wire should be, how the alarm works and how to set it would be appreciated.


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Seth Thomas alarm
by: Bill

You are probably correct that the wire is too long. This wire has to be just right for the alarm to work properly. If it is too long, it will ring non-stop, and if too short, it will not ring at all. I find it easier to slightly bend the arm the wire is attached to on the alarm mechanism itself, rather than try to keep re-bending the wire. This will work if the wire is at leas close to the proper length. Bend the arm down a little at a time untill the alarm will stop when you turn the brass disk.

The alarm is set by putting the number for the hout you want the alarm to go off directly under the hour hand.

Hope this clears up the problem for you, Bill

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