Seth Thomas Metronomes

by Jordi Climent Garcia

Good morning. I am a collector of metronomes.

I have a nice small collection. I regret that information and works on the purpose of these objects is very restricted. All my research on the internet has not succeeded.

Does anyone know who I could turn to; somebody that's an expert in Metronomes? Also if there are catalogs or writings on metronomes?

I have in the vicinity of 20 metronomes made by Seth Thomas and I am unsure of the dates of their manufacture.

Thank you for your attention. If you can be of any help, please comment here.

Jordi Climent Garcia
from Belgium - Europe

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metronome with key
by: Anonymous

I have a Ken Thomas Metronome (E873-007) with a key. Email if interested

I also have one!!!
by: adrian naranjo

Hi to every one, I am in Quito, Ecuador Southamerica, I also own a Seth Thomas metronome,it works perfectly, do not know model but it looks very old, If someone would like a pic of it, please contact me at

me too!
by: Karen

I also have a Seth Thomas metronome with no key! Model E873-008. If you find any keys, would you please let me know? Thank you!

Metronomes...he knows it all
by: Shar

There are a few men in Windsor Ontario,Canada who own Piano stores.. They are located on Tecumseh Road East. Windsor Ontario.
Loves Piano
Ouellette Piano
and also on Dougall Ave there is Leone Music.
These men have history behind them and collections of everything in music.
I purchased an old piano privately - Loves had restored it many years earlier... and also told me about my metronome.
Worth trying if you have not heard of them.
Good luck.. Shar

by: Ken Hicks

I understand your frustration on finding anything about old metronomes on the net. I have an old Seth Thomas Model E873-007. I need a winding key. I have not been able to locate one anywhere. Any help you could pass my way would be greatly appreciated. You can email me at: kenoid at
Thank you for your time,
Ken Hicks

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