Seth Thomas Mark 1 with missing escapement

by Kristin Browske
(San Diego, CA)

About 6 months ago I came across a Seth Thomas Mark 1 ship's clock, 24 hour, bakelite case with "U.S. Navy" stamped on the face. The person selling it reportedly did not know the functionality of the clock; I bought based on the 24 hour face and U.S. Navy stamp.

I concurrently ordered the overhaul manual for the model.

After having taken both into my local (at the time) clock repair, he looked at both the clock and the manual and was able to identify the part number that I was missing. In short, it is the escapement.

I would like to repair this clock, but realize that finding such a part may be a minor miracle.

My questions:

1) Do you know where to find a Mark 1 escapement?
2) If you do, would you be willing/able to repair this clock for me?

Many thanks for your professional guidance and for posting such a user friendly website!


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