Seth Thomas Marine (Striking clock)

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I have just purchased a Pearson 424 sailboat and it has a striking Seth Thomas, eight day clock. It is an excellent timepiece but when I switch the upper left toggle to turn off the striking mode, it stop completely (usually at around 12:00.

Is there a secret to switching between the strike and non-strike mode?

Thanks for your help.

SV Dumela

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Striking Seth Thomas
by: Anonymous

Hello Bill,

Thank you very much for that suggestion. I will do the winding trick instead of performing minor surgery.


Ships Bell Clock
by: Bill

Hi Thom,

It sounds like there is something hitting the escapement when you move this lever to silence the clock. If you take the movement out it may be obvious when you move the silence lever while watching the balance wheel swinging back and forth (ticking). When you move the lever, if the clock stops, you should see what it is hitting.

If this is not something you want to do (take it apart), leave the strike lever in the "on" position, but if you don't want it to strike simply do not wind the left winding hole and when it winds down, the clock will still run since it gets power from the right winding hole but it will not chime.

Other than that it will have to go in for repair.

Thanks for the question. I hope this helped you.


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