Seth Thomas Layton mantel clock

by Craig Clawson
(Fieldbrook, CA.)

We purchased this clock at a thrift store. It says on the back plate "Seth Thomas, works made in Germany for Seth Thomas Co. Serial number 6613.

The label on the back door also gives a model number of a208-000. Someone wrote on the top left corner " #1124 11/72. Also an ink stamp that says "Lynton 2w".

The label also says at the bottom. "Seth Thomas division general time.

I found one on ebay, that said it was a Seth Thomas Layton style mantel clock, but that one was a plug in style, ours is a wind up. It gongs on the hour and the half hour. works fine. except any vibration around the clock tends to make the pend. stop.

Would like to know more about it.

Thank you

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