Seth Thomas clock runs fast.

by Padraic O'Dea
(Coupeville, WA)

What is the best way to slow down the advance of my Seth Thomas baseline mantle clock? I was told that there are no adjustments, none like a dial on a Chelsea.

-increase the pendulum/effective lever length?

-systematically (every 12 hours) add a nominal weight...say a paperclip?

Thank you.

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Regulating your clock
by: Bill

Glad you don't need to adjust your clock right now. Adding weight will not speed up your clock, though. The rate of your clock is due to the length of the pendulum. There should be a regulating nut on the very bottom of the pendulum to change the length.

Adding weight will not change the rate of your clock, but could cause it to wear out faster if the weights are too heavy for the design of the movement.

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Early Seth Thomas Eight day Base Model Mantle Clock
by: Paddy O'Dea

The good news is that my Grandfather's clock is on time, every time after a simple rewind of the main spring. The incremental weights placed in hopes of retarding the movement were all in vain. The bottom line...Let it run its course, wind it up and thankfully let the kinks run out of the system.

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