Seth Thomas Banjo clock won't chime

by Thomas Chucta
(United States)

I have a Seth Thomas banjo clock and it no longer chimes on the 1.2 hour or hour. I tried oiling it but this did not help. Movement starts when it is time for the clock to chime but then quits before actually chiming

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Clock not chiming
by: Bill

Hi Thomas,

This could be so many things I would have to write a book to help. The first question is to find out the type of strike your clock has.

We need to know if it is a "rack and snail" strike or "countwheel" strike movement.

The way to tell is a countwheel strike has a large gear usually right over the strike mainspring that has several deep slots around its edge with a wire lever that falls into these slots to stop the chiming. A rack and snail strike does not have this gear, but has a cam mounted on the hand shaft on the front of the movement that looks like a snail. Also has a "rack" which is a curved bar with teeth that a small wheel, when turning lifts like a ladder.

Post what kind of strike your clocks has as a comment below and we'll go from there.

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