Seth Thomas 8 day quarter hour Westminster chime clock

by Sharon P
(Cape Coral, FL)

This mantle clock was my husband's parents clock. The instructions are wonderful as they were put on the inside of the back door.

The only problem I have is that they refer to adjusting the time using the key (which I have) and turning either left or right. However, there are 3 adjustment places near the 4, 6 and 8 o'clock. Could you please tell me what they are used for?

I am having a devil of a time adjusting the clock. Any help would be appreciated.

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Seth Thomas 8 Day Quarter Strike
by: Bruce

Big end of key winds movement, By 4, and chimes, by 8. Under center and above 6, small end of key adjusts speed. faster, clockwise, slower, CCW.

Mine always chimes once at the quarters but only occasionally gives the extra chimes at half past and quarter of. The hour strikes straightened itself out but not the quarters.

Need help
by: Mike

How do we fix the number of gongs to correspond with the correct time?

We found that if the clock is not level it stops working - not that it had been wound too tight.

all adj. to thight
by: Anonymous

have a setht thomas 8 day quarter hour westminster chime clock. perfect directions on the back doorm have original key. someone adjusted all three very thight, colck wont run but chimes great when turn dial by hand,how can i release the adjustments.. also about how much is this clock worth.

Chime Sequence
by: Skippy

I inherited a Seth Thomas mantel clock but the chimes play "out of order". Specifically at the quarter hour it starts 2 tones into the normal Westminster chime sequence and plays the first two notes of the 1/2 hour, and so on all the way around. Can you change the chime order or possibly reset?

by: Anonymous

Those adjustments on the front are to wind the springs. You then need to gently nudge the clock to get the pendulum swinging. to adjust the speed, open the back and remove the weight at the bottom of the pendulum. there is a nut which lets you adjust the weight up or down up clock runs faster. up means half a twist of the nut.

by: Anonymous

You have to open up the door on the back, there is a lower bar that you have to gently lift up and release to set off the chimes so the spring loosens up. the hour gong release is on the upper right quarter, hour middle lower left

REPAIR: Seth Thomas 8- day chime clock

My son wound the clock too tight - and now the chimes won't work.

Hour gong
by: Alex

I have a Seth Thomas 8 day clock, works great, quarter hour chimes perfect. However, the hour gongs are not consistent. They go off on the hour sometimes going correctly 3 for three at 4 at four etc., but sometimes they seem to add 12 gongs or so the the correct number any help would be much appreciated.

Westminster clocks
by: Bill

The holes at the 4, 6, and 8 are for winding the clock. The clock has three mainsprings for running the time, chimes, and hourly strike.

The fast/slow adjustment the directions are talking about would be a very small hole either near the 12, or just below the center post where the hands are attached. This is adjusted with a special key that has two ends - the large end for winding the clock and a small end for adjusting the fast/slow.

Many of these keys are lost and replaced with a single key for winding only. If this is the case, you will need to get the original type double key. Some clocks have an adjustment for fast/slow on the pendulum itself. It's a nut on the bottom of the pendulum. Shortening the pendulum makes the clock run faster.

Hope this answers you question.

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