Sessions United Ship Clock

by Mike Hochniuk
(New England)

Sessions - United

Sessions - United

This was my father's clock. Can anyone tell me a little about it? Is it common or does it have value? I believe it is a Yankee Clipper, 19"L with 16"H, I believe the sails are chrome and it appears to be solid wood.

There is a spot in both bow and stern for little lights which I believe originally were red bulbs, they are clear now. The clock works great, good weight to it, solid wood. I do have to restring the sails. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

There is a dark spot from where there was a personalized plaque when it was received as a gift. I haven't done anything about it but would be interested in fixing if it could be done.

There should be 3 pictures attached, let me know if there aren't please.

I can send a better picture too

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