Sessions Mantle Westminster Chimes Issues

by gb
(SF Bay area)

Sessions Mantel Clock

Sessions Mantel Clock

So this says the chimes are self-adjusting and to advance the minute hand until desired setting is reached, but I'm not sure how long it's supposed to take?

Also, at 1/4 past, the melody strikes 8 times; at 1/2 past, the melody strikes 16 times; at 3/4 past, the melody strikes 16 times and the chime strikes 2 times; finally, on the hour, there are no melody strikes and anywhere from a few to 30 chimes.
Do I keep advancing the time by 1/4 hours or let it just tick away and see if it self-adjusts? Or does there seem to be something terribly wrong?
Thanks ^_^

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Sessions Westminster Chimes
by: Bill

That particular Sessions movement has a very complicated mechanical system for the chimes. Sessions is one of the only clocks you will find with only two springs and winders instead of the normal three that is most common.

It is true, however that if it is operating properly, it can take up to two or three hours of running for the chimes to automatically synchronize themselves.

If the chimes are not correct after this amount of time, you should have it repaired at a clock repair shop since it would be impossible to teach you how to check it out here. There are about 20 parts and 5 or 6 little springs that operate the chimes - both on the rear of the movement where you can see the large wheels with spikes on it, and more parts in front of the movement, such as the two racks and the snail along with their springs.

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