Sessions mantel clock needs a date

by Patty
(Western North Carolina)

Sessions mantel clock

Sessions mantel clock

My grandfather purchased this clock I believe around WWII in or near Detroit, Michigan. My mother tells me he never spent money so this was a very unique purchase for him to make.

I am curious to find out more information regarding this clock. How much would it have cost my grandfather? How old is this clock? How much is it worth now?

Sessions is on the face.
Paper on the back is unreadable.
The #'s 118918 is lightly carved on the top right back pannel.

This clock works, though runs a bit fast.
I have two keys for it, one of which fits the small top hole. I believe that controls the speed. so what way do I turn that to slow it down a tad?

Thanks for the information ahead of time.

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