Sessions Deco alarm clock 8 day

I have this clock and it runs fine but the hour hand does not move.

It will slide up and down the shaft but does not seem to lock.

There appears to be a split in the brass sleeve that the hand is mounted on which may be a break or a crimp site.

If the hand is moved close to the dial, it interferes with the alarm sub dial, if it is moved upward toward the minute hand it just slips and has no purchase on the shaft.

The brass collar that the hour hand is affixed to, is between the hour hand and second hand.

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Hour tube
by: Anonymous

Hi, the the sleeve or tube on the hour hand is supposed to be slit, usualy on oposing sides.
take the hand off, close the tube up carefully a bit at a time until it is a fairly tight fit on the shaft but so that you can still turn the hand.
Set the minute hand to point to 12 then move the hour hand to any hour marker.
Good luck

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