Sessions Antique Regulator Wall Clock

by Mark Allen
(Washington, MI)

The Sessions Clock

The Sessions Clock

This clock was purchased (I don't know where) by my parents in the 70's. It has hung and run faithfully for the last 35 years that my family has owned it.

The label on the back is partially in tact but the model number is missing. It clearly says Sessions Clock Company, formerly E.N. Welch.

I've looked at many sites to try to match this clock to a known age and model. I've seen some Regulator E's that appear to have a similar cabinet and pendulum detail but none have either the dual spring (winding) or the Roman numeral face without the date.

Any hints as to age, value, or collectability? I have zero interest in selling it but would just like to understand what we have.

The clock is in overall wonderful condition, the lettering is excellent, the finish as near as I can figure is original and it has no scratches or issues.

Any help is appreciated.

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