Schmeckenbecher Wall Clock-Weights

My Schmeckenbecher wall clock stopped working about a year ago. We thought we had wound it too tight, but don't think that was the issue__thought maybe the clock was just not leveled previously.

We have just had it shipped to the States from overseas and the weights were removed for shipment, now I can't get the weights back on.

No packaging was in place to keep the wheels lowered. How can I get the wheels lowered in order to install the weights? I hope that will solve the problem. Thank you.

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by: Leif

what side does the heavy wt hang on Also which end is up on the attachment of the pendulum to the clock?

Clock weights
by: Bill

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to lower the weights, especially the time weight. The strike weights can usually be lowered by pulling down on the cable while turning the minute hand forward and allowing the clock to chime.

The time weight, however can not be done this way. To lower this weight you have to gain access to the movement itself usually by removing it from the case and in some clocks removing the hands and dial.

Then, on the main gear that the cable is wrapped around, there is a small "click" (it is a ratchet that allows the gear to move in one direction only). The small lever that fits in the ratchet teeth is held there with a spring of some type. With a small screwdriver, pry this lever away from the ratchet wheel and pull the cable down (while you are holding the lever away from the gear, the gear will turn freely)

Then re-assemble the clock and hang your weights.

I hope this helps you.


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